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The market and shareholders demand growth and reward the companies that can delvier consistent strategic growth year-after-year. TW Strategy Group can help you to examine your growth opptions (both organic and inorganic) and develop plans to execute on the most promising highest return opportunities.


Strategy Consulting


Today, more than ever, management must think and act strategically. The business environment of the 21st century relies less on physical capital and more on human and knowledge capital. As a result, today’ middle market enterprise faces greater competition in what are rapidly changing global market.


Perhaps most important, these pressures are driving a firm’s customers to continually demand more value AND lower cost at each ever-shortening new cycle.


Are you or your competitors better prepared to tackle these challenges?


Do you have a plan, based on clear and accurate market knowledge, to ensure that your firm will meet its growth and profit goals for the future?




Strategic Management links a thorough understanding of the firm itself with detailed information on the extended environment. A snapshot view tells you who, what and where you, your competitors and customers are today. But this is useful only as a starting point for who, what and where you want to be in the future.


TWSG can provide the analysis you need and work with your team to ensure your firm is on the nest path forward.


Only through a strategic approach to market analysis and business planning can you answer “yes” to both questions.

Business Development


Strategic Planning results in a set of concrete steps designed to achieve the firm’s goals. Often Middle Market companies face either capability gaps or resource constraints in executing some of these actions.


Any plan is only as good as its execution.


None of the steps can be skipped or under-resourced and expect to still achieve success. Often new hires are included in the plan as a means to address these issues. However, if the need is immediate or temporary other external resources can be the best solution.


TWSG can help fill the critical gaps in capabilities and resources in your strategic plan. Our team has the skills and experience to ensure that you stay on track and on plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Often Strategic Planning highlights gaps in a firm’s capabilities or assets that must be filled in order to reach its goals.


If these capabilities or assets cannot be built internally, the acquisition of another company maybe the best path forward. However, acquiring a company is far from easy or a guaranty of success.


The M&A market can be extremely competitive and is filled with both highly sophisticated and unsophisticated buyers and sellers. A well-structured, proactive process enables a firm to sift through deluge of targets and volumes of data to deliver a deal that creates value for the acquirer at a price that makes sense.


TWSG provides a full-service solution for your M&A needs.


Our team can help you develop detailed criteria for screening targets that ensures your focus only on those companies that will deliver the value you need. Through our extensive contacts in investment banking, M&A advisory, M&A lending, etc., TWSG can provide a rich stream of dealflow, ensuring a wide range of options to consider. Additionally, we proactively pursue companies that are currently “not for sale.” This proprietary dealflow source further broadens the range of options, as well as, avoids costly auction situations.


Finally, we can present you firm as a serious and qualified acquirer. Sellers and their advisors will quickly shutdown buyers who they feel cannot complete a deal or are not qualified to bid. TWSG ensures you get a seat at the table and a chance to make your case as the best option.

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