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Sample Projects

Medical Device
Growth Strategy



Problem: Lack of growth in existing markets


Approach: Identify areas within the existing business with the highest growth potential and develop organic and inorganic plans to more than double revenue. Additionally, identify key adjacent markets that leverage the core capabilities of the existing buisiness and develop a comprehesive roadmap for expansion.


Outcome: Client recently executed on the inorganic aspect of the strategy by spending $160 million on an acquisition target to expand their capabilities in high growth market.


Filter Media
Growth Strategy



Problem: Need for a new growth platform for both overall growth and for launching a new media technology


Approach: Segment the filter media market to identify high growth segments which fit with the overall strategy of the client. Filter these opportunities to narrow the focus to segments which present the best opportunities for the new technology.


Outcome: Client recently spent over $100 million to acquire a large filte media manufacturer. Client now address a new market and can leverage this platform to ease the introduction of its new media technology.

Distribution Strategy



Problem: Need to enhance both revenue growth and profitability. Giving aay revenue and margin opportunities to service and distributors.


Approach: Analysis of both internal and external examples of service and distribution activities. Identified internal examples of profitable service and distribution operations. Developed a comprehensive plan to clone best-practice activities across the US sales organization.Results should double both revenue and profitability.


Outcome: Client is currently launching pilot programs in anticipation of future expansion.


Go-To-Market Strategy



Problem: Stagnant or declining growth due to a lack of clear understanding on how best to attack the flooring market


Approach: Segmented the market and identified key decision makers and decision drivers across segments. Recommended a plan to focus on high density decision makers (architects and large corporate customers) in order to maximize the efficiency of sales efforts.


Outcome: Client hired a new head of sales who is an expert in selling to these group. Sales have grown steadily since.


Medical Device
New Product Strategy



Problem: Relaunch of previously discontinue product lacked current market requirments and addressed only a small, niche market making it difficult to justify its R&D expense


Approach: Conduct extensive market research with potential customers to develop a specification document for the relaunched product. Additionally, identified a new market several times the size of the niche market which could leverage the reluanched technology.


Outcome: Client was able to justify the investment in the relaunch and was able to enter the new market

Growth Strategy



Problem: Client needed to expand its offerings in the cell therapy market to provide leverage to its sales efforts


Approach: Segmented the cell therapy market by cell type and technology. Identified the most attractive segments and identified potential partners/acquisition targets within those segments.


Outcome: Client acquired one of the targets identified.


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